Is Judo boring?

People that do not do Judo, think it’s boring.

Nobody I know, whoever looked at a Judo match on TV, didn’t tell that this is boring shit. They just can’t understand this.

Basically, for the Judo-lame person, it looks like to grown-ups hugging, pushing, pulling or kicking each other. The “kicking” part might be interesting, but it usually doesn’t happen. This is not Karate, nor it is the colorful and flexible Kung Fu.

Children are excluded since looking at them doing Judo, often looks “sweet” or “cute”.

But, for us, those who live or lived it, this is far from boring.

(I admit, there are matches that I find boring. This usually happens when there are two fairly equal opponents, who try passive (as possible) tactics, and the referee allows that. It is getting quite dull to watch them since there is no enough movement)

The Judo match starts long before the two opponents get onto the tatami (Judo floor). In the preparation room. Each of the opponents [should] know everything there is to know about his match. What are his/hers favorite moves, what are his/hers weaknesses, how to avoid pitfalls, etc? Then there is the planning of the fight. And, like in life, though seldom the actual fight is going according to plan, it is necessary for the overall framework and self-confidence.

Once the battle commences, everything that has been learned is brought into practice and translated to judo techniques and fighting tactics. For example, if your opponent is weak in Tachi-Waza (standing-techniques), then you make sure he does not pull you down to Ne-Waza (ground techniques). And vice verse; if you are stronger in Ne-Waza, try to get the fight down to the ground, and finish with one of the holdings, choking or joint levering techniques.

Each one has to leverage his/hers strengths, circumvent the opponent’s strong moves, manage the level of strain on the body, which is very important, unless you want to lose your breath after a couple minutes, and end losing just because you can’t catch your breath.

There is a lot of thought and intelligence is put into a Judo fight.

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