“Lets do Karate”

When I was five, my father came back from work one day, and took me to the center of town.”Where are we going?” I asked him anxiously since I noticed he was very excited, “I want to enroll you to Karate, there is a class at the local community center, I saw kids with karate suits outside”. And, so we went. Indeed, there were kids outside the hall, wearing these white suits and belts, but when my dad asked the receptionist to enroll me in the Karate class, she replied that this is not Karate class, but a Judo class.

I didn’t know what is judo, and I am not entirely sure my dad did too, but without hesitating a second, he said: “all the same, let’s get him started”.

And I did.

Thinking back on my life, almost forty years later,  Judo was the main thing that structured me: my physique, my character, my thinking and other things.

In this blog, I will try to illustrate the way Judo impacts all aspects of life. This is not just sport, or a means to defend thyself. Judo is a way of living,  thinking, decision making, dealing with the situation, self-discipline and much, much more.

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