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Know Your Limitations

I am 43 years old. I practice around 45 minutes each day (except weekend days): some jogging and power drills. Feeling quite in shape.

For the past five years, I made an effort to participate in Judo sessions and managed to sustain a routine of an average three times per year (yes, year). The reason is simple: remember. I am not a nostalgic person, but in this case, I wanted to remember how it feels to have the Judo suit on my body, the black belt around my wait, get on the matt a move. In other words; I want to feel young again.

Frankly, I manage quite well to keep up with the teen opponents: I throw them, they throw me, but overall, I believe I sustain my honor. The problem is after. After the workout, when the adrenaline is washed away from the body, and you left sour and in pain, in locations where you didn’t even remember (or know) there are mussels.

The last session was a couple days ago. Though I came back home OK, at night I had to take medicine to relieve the pain I had in my upper leg joint. Probably won’t be able to jog for the next few days. A painful reminder that I am not sixteen anymore.

This was probably my last Judo session. Well, maybe not, but I have to take a long recess and evaluate my options with regards to my ability to continue sustaining injuries.

This is a classical case of “when the mind wants, but the body disagrees”. Eventually, though the mind has a good case, the body always wins. You can’t fool biology (at least not yet).

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