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The Fight is not Over Till You Hear the Buzz

…Or, in other words: “Nothing is over till the fat lady sings“.

It is very easy to give up to despair during a difficult match and throw in the towel. But, regardless of your current status, and even when you are behind and losing, as long as you were not knocked out with an Ippon, and there is still time, the fight is on, and you have the opportunity to reverse the situation and win.

Things can get really bad during the match: you can be thrown, penalized or even suffer some pretty bad beating. Your psychological state can easily vary to the lower and grimmer sides of it, and draw your thoughts towards giving up and accept defeat.

The beauty of it is that no matter how you feel, no matter how bad things are, as long as you are in the game, it is within your capacity to turn things around!!!

Shout, scream, cry, do what ever you have to (within the boundaries of the game rules), to make that happen. Pull whatever you need from the deepest parts of your soul, to push yourself beyond these thoughts. Winning (and losing) is first and foremost begin in your mind. It is then when your brain translates its state to chemical reactions and sets your body in motion.

Now, when you try to do something significant in life, like opening a new business, i.e. startup, the process remarkably resembles a Judo match, only the pain, the aggression, the disappointments, the downs etc, are prolonged and stretched to a much longer period of time than five minutes.  Yes I know, this is not a physical pain, but those who share the entrepreneur life with me know that this is as painful as it gets without physically feeling it.

Take a breath, smile and keep moving forward.

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