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Making changes

This claim is corny, but it’s also true: if you don’t try, you won’t succeed. The problem is that even when you do (try), it does not really mean that you are guaranteed to succeed. What it does mean, is that you’ve made the first step towards success, which is much more than most of us do.

But what is it, the “try”? What does it mean?

When you are on a certain path, anything that is not on the path is new, uncharted and untried. The “try” is taking that small but significant step outside the path.

Now pay attention: thinking about this does not count. EVERYBODY is thinking about making changes, taking risks, moving beyond their comfort zone. Everybody. But bare few actually do make the decision followed by that small step.

Career wise, I’ve been running around a predetermined path, like a rat in a cage, for many years, until I realized what is wrong with my path. It took me another three years to make the decision (which is pretty hard on its own), and another year to make my move. Take a leap of faith outside my comfort area, and roll the dice.  “Just do it” as the slogan goes.

In Judo, when you are in the middle of a match, and the situation is not favorable, you are facing a decision: how do you want this fight to end. You can take a couple deep breaths and attack your opponent with all you got, the risk of making a hasty mistake and lose, or you give in and wait for the buzzer to end your misery.

Even if that “crazy” attack might cause you the competition, it is better, in my opinion, to take the risk of losing, and have a chance to win, rather than acknowledging a sure loss.

In the Highlander movie from 1986, the Kurgan character shouts: “it is better to burn out than to fade away.” For me, this is so true. There is nothing more frightening than slowly fading out.

If you feel that something is not right, you change it. You don’t wait for it to change on its own, or for someone to change it for you because most definitely, it won’t and nobody cares about it as much as you.

Yes, there is a risk of losing or getting hurt. But what is the alternative?

You try and lose, then you pick yourself up. you don’t try, then you stay down the rest of your life.

Now is that the way to go?

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